Since 2011 our team of certified sport and wellness professionals has provided exceptional services in regards to sport competition management, event management, sport wellness and recreation management for sports associations, military reconditioning programs, youth and adult recreational organizations. RBSRM is a multi-purpose sport and recreation program planning company with a simple mission. Develop world-class athletic events, provide effective wellness services and develop innovative recreational programs to help people achieve a happy and healthy lifestyle. 

As the premier sport and recreation program planning company its our responsibility to provide prestigious services.
Sport M
anagement Services (Competition, Event and Recreation Management) are customized to manage the demands of all athletic events and provide a world-class experience that create excitement for athletes and spectators.

With the various social challenges related to unsportsmanlike conduct, mental health concerns, social-media addiction and drug abuse we have developed wellness and recreation management services that address these problematic issues. The services are customized to help athletes, soldiers, youth and adults eliminate unhealthy behaviors and focus on positive relaxation techniques for the mind that increase cognitive tolerance levels such as concentration and positive thinking. While developing the body to achieve basic and advance physical intelligence such as muscle strength, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility. Additional benefits as a result of services from our wellness program includes the experience of positive emotions, increase levels of healthy engagement, the development of positive relationships and achieving personal accomplishments.

In 2012 we applied therapeutic recreation interventions to the planning of adaptive sport training clinics for wounded, ill and injured Soldiers of the United States military branches. Our teams of Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists and Kinesiotherapists have studied the physical function and cognitive process related to adaptive sports to implement appropriate services that help Soldiers develop a positive self-view to become better athletes and optimistic members of their families and communities. 


Robert Bond (Chief Executive Officer) was the first to introduce holistic wellness interventions as part of the United States Army Warrior Transition Unit (Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst) adaptive sport reconditioning program for Soldiers diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). This new athletic training-holistic wellness program created amazing results related to high levels of physical performance, decreased stress levels, increase of positive thinking and engagement. Soldier's participation in adaptive sports (wheelchair basketball, wheelchair tennis, adaptive cycling, swimming, archery, air shooting, track and field) leisure activities (fishing, wood-shop, art and crafts) and holistic wellness (meditation, EFT and etc.) increased considerably. Robert greatly appreciate the experience working at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, and it made him realize that wounded, ill and injured Soldiers need more than just adaptive sport training to manage the adjustments of their "new normal". So he created RBSRM to help people adjust to the "new normal" of life, a constant changing situation that challenge you everyday.